Installing the Company Name File


The company name file is a small Microsoft Access database that holds your software key. When you install FATS for the first time, it will prompt you to locate the file (which is usually on the FATS installation CD) and it will copy the file to the proper location.  

If you've received a new file, perhaps an upgrade, you can go under Utility | Advanced | System Setup, and choose "Update from Company Name Disk".  Then locate the new file on the CD, or, if you downloaded it from the internet, on your hard drive.

If you are locked out of the software for some reason, and the company name file is causing you to be locked out, there is an alternative method. 

Generally the file will be named ComputerDirectionsCompany-<xxxxx>.mdb, where <xxxx> is your company name or an abbreviation of it. It might be on a CD we sent in the mail, or you may have downloaded it to your hard drive. 

Here is the "manual" process: 


  1. Download the company name file or otherwise copy it to your desktop. 
  2. Rename the file to ComputerDirectionsCompany.mdb 
  3. Open your C drive to c:\Program Files\FATS6 or c:\Program Files (x86)\FATS6 
  4. If you are on Vista or later, you will see a button called "compatibility files". Click this button. This takes you to a secret directory in your application folder. You will see a ComptuerDirectionsCompany.mdb file there. (On Windows 8 or 10, you have to find the compatibility files folder by drilling down on c:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VirtualStore\ProgramFiles\FATS6.  You have to set the system to show hidden files in order to find this folder. 
  5. Copy and Paste the computerdirectionscompany.mdb that you download over the one that is in the folder you navigated to. 
  6. Re-open FATS and it should open, or bring you to a login prompt.
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