Adding a new Opticon Scanner to FATS

This applies to FATS R6 PC. 

Generally, when we send out an Opticon OPN 2001 Scanner, we will send a new Company Name file (which is basically the software key for FATS).  

On occasion, we have a scanner drop-shipped, or customers purchase them from different sources.  In these cases, we have to get an internal ID from the scanner in order to update the Company Name file. 

The utility to get the internal ID out of the Opticon scanner is available at the below URL:

Download this file to your desktop, ensure your new Opticon scanner is connected to your computer, and then double-click CDscannerUtility.exe to run the program.

Follow the prompts for the CS-1504 scanner.  The scanner will eventually beep, and you can copy/paste the output from the screen into an email or support ticket, and we'll take it from there.

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