Installing Training Tracker PC (Multi-User) on a new PC


To move or install an instance of Training Tracker on a new PC, do the following. 

Locate your License Key.  You may need this to complete the installation.  This would have been sent to you when you ordered the software.  It is also generally listed on your invoice. 

Open an existing installation of Training Tracker and Check the configuration. Under Utility | Setup, you will find the settings.  The multi-user setup should be selected, and it should show the login credentials for the database.  Note this is not the same as the user login for Training Tracker.  You database administrator can verify these settings, or reset the password if you have forgotten it. 

Also note the attached documents folder specified near the bottom.  This is where attachments are stored, and you want to reference the same folder on your new installation. 

If you're installing a new, or additional, user for the system, a Training Tracker administrator will want to go under Utility | Users to create a login for the new user. 

Install Training Tracker on the new machine by double-clicking on the setup file. 

If you don't have it, you can always download the setup file here: 

When it asks if you want to go to demo mode or enter a license key, choose license key and enter your company name and license key on the next screen. 

It should then open the settings screen and allow you to enter the database credentials and browse to the attached documents location. 

Training Tracker will need to re-start, and will then prompt you to enter the Training Tracker username and password. 



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